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About Me


Seeing the beauty in the world renders me speechless.  The only way I know to share it is to photograph it.  I'm endlessly fascinated by the constant interplay and shifting of light, color and patterns....and dance is something I love because it reminds me of the beauty and movement I find in nature.


I've traveled to all seven continents and seen them from land as well as underwater (I've logged over a thousand dives).  I've also lectured at the Explorers Club and my photos have been exhibited at the Salmagundi Art Club in NYC.


Because I've had the opportuny to to see things that no longer exist, I'm fiercely committed to conservation.  I'm a proud member of numerous conservation organizations as well as a member of the Explorers Club.  My photos have appeared in National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Travel Magazine, Showbusiness Magazine and


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