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Our challenge is to create a portrait that portrays the image you want (I love challenges!).  Our process is collaborative - we partner in creating something that's just right for you.  We'll spend some time beforehand discussing  just that.  The better I understand you and your audience, the better I can give you what you need.  Before we chat, here are some things to think about:

  • Who is the audience for your headshot - what are the top three things they are looking for?

  • We all have many sides to our personality - which do you want to show to your audience?

  • What would make you most comfortable during your shoot (type of music, etc.)?

  • Hair and make-up stylists are recommended - you can provide your own or we can provice one.  Decide how you'd like to handle this.

Before the Shoot:
Pick out several outfits to bring with you.  Make sure they are clean and pressed, if needed.  We will work together to create different looks so also bring additional accessories that you like.  
Women should bring all the tools they need for make-up and hair; men, any hair products and lip balm.
Get plenty of sleep the night before and try not to be nervous - we're a team.
Ready? Click here for rates.
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